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#26 - In Sickness & In Health: How Your Wellness can affect the Healthiness of Your Relationship

June 13, 2016

We hear that phrase all the time. Whether it's on TV being said between your favorite characters, in the movies during the 3rd act, or right in front of you during your best friend's day. "In sickness & in health" is part of the vow that truly doesn't resonate with people until it actually occurs in the relationship/marriage. Once it does that's when our bond is tested the most and that's where we see if we can handle the pressure of being someone else rock, or crumble under the weight of responsibility. Even way before we walk down the aisle, we can be called upon during the relationship to be strong for our partner. In this week's episode we have are some stories where people rose to the occasion, and some that just fell by the wayside and completely lost their partnership potential.