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A place to discuss Sex, Love, and whatever’s clever with like minded people who are also in Limbo with Love.

#81 - Being Happy After Heartache: Healing Your Soul and Walking Away (in Your New Soles and Heels!) w/ Author Kim Interdonato

August 24, 2017

Whatever stage of love you're at (puppy, adolescent, "grown folk", or mature), experiencing heartache can be soul crushing. The loss of Love and the erasure of a future with that person definitely brings a storm cloud of emotions that can make even the strongest willed person quiver with uncertainty about getting better. Whether you dodged a bullet, "it was for the best", or you've convinced yourself you lost "the one", the end result of the relationship doesn't matter. It's what happens after that needs the most focus. Today, we have Kim on the show to talk about how she recovered and why it’s important to be happy after heartbreak and be more alive with life.