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A place to discuss Sex, Love, and whatever’s clever with like minded people who are also in Limbo with Love.

#84 - From Eternity to Earth: When Love Hails From Beyond w/Author Irene Weinberg

September 27, 2017

Once upon a time a show declared that Space was the "final frontier". It was THE territory for us to discover, document, and disclose to the masses what was found during the journey of the mission. But, I wonder... is it really the last region left to explore? Sure, Space is MASSIVE and we know very little of it, but there is a place out there everyone will go to eventually that we know even less about. That is the Other Side of Life. Our generation won't get to witness all the wonders of Space, but everyone, one day, will pass and we have yet to tap into any real substance into the realm of the Unknown - though today we had a possible glimpse. In this episode our guest today tells the story of her husband speaking to her from beyond the grave. In his messages he shares what it's like to be on the the Other Side, the meaning (and purpose) of Life, how Heaven handles Evil, and so forth. As we delved into other topics to broaden our infancy of knowledge on the subject, it was at least comforting to know one of the few things that can survive the transference between dimensions is Love. Listen in and enjoy!