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A place to discuss Sex, Love, and whatever’s clever with like minded people who are also in Limbo with Love.

#85 - What’s The Issue with Today’s Woman? w/Relationship Coach Valerie Greene

September 28, 2017

In the interest of equality amongst the sexes, it was only fair to have a sequel to Episode 78's "What's the Issue with Today's Man?". After an informative talk with Elliott Katz on the issues of Men not being able to meet Women's standards in dating, it was time to see the other side of the coin and assess the attempts at Love from some women in the dating sphere. Why haven't they been successful in getting a man? Some of the revelations may shock you. I get to the nitty gritty with our guest today who (learning from experience) was more than happy to share some insight on the matter of females missing the mark when it came to love. Tune in to see what was said!