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Category: Society & Culture

A place to discuss Sex, Love, and whatever’s clever with like minded people who are also in Limbo with Love.

#20 - Situationships

May 7, 2016

Ever wonder to yourself "where is this going?" while you're dealing with a potential partner? You don't know if you're just dating, actually a couple, "messing around", friends with benefits, fuck buddies, etc. You're kinda just.. there. Dealing with each other. You, my friend, just might be in a sticky situationship. Confused? Don't worry, we are too. Jennifer and I explore what it is to be in a situationship, what it consists of, if it's even worth being in one, and is it really as bad as it sounds. Also, Jennifer hits me up with a proposition.. to be propositioned... in a sex club. Wait, WHAT?!